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La vie en Rose


Genre: Floof
Rating: PG-13 because men kissing and implied sex might scar the innocent youths of this community
Chapter: One-shot
Bands: Versailles and Kaya
Pairings: Kamijo and Kaya
Warnings: None that I can think of
Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone or thing affiliated with Jrock
Summary: Some people need a little help when picking out their glasses…
Comments: This story is actually a gift for a dear friend of mine. She requested a work based on the concept of rose colored glasses, and so together we decided that there couldn’t be any song more suitable then the classic, “La vie en Rose”. La vie en Rose (originally by Edith Piaf) has been covered by a host of artists, including several Japanese ones, Kaya and Ali Project, just to name two more recent artists. I have however, elected to use Dean Martin’s version of the song because of its English lyrics. Should you be curious, I have linked you to 3 versions below.


Edith Piaf

Dean Martin




(La vie en Rose)Collapse )

New York Minute

Genre: General
Rating: PG
Chapter: One-shot
Bands: X Japan
Pairings: Implied hide x Yoshiki
Warnings: Angst/death?
Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone or thing affiliated with Jrock
Summary: In a New York minute, everything can change
Comments: The inspiration for this one-shot was a song by Don Henley, called New York minute… If you’re curious about the lyrics, and how they relate to this work, please follow this link. Also, this is my first time posting, so concrit is welcome.

New York MinuteCollapse )New York MinuteCollapse )

Lemonade Ice Cream!!!

Title: Lemonade Ice Cream

Chapter: 1

Status: Complete

Author: StormFox13

Genre: OneShot

Band: X Japan

Pairing(s): None

Rating: PG for mild language

Warning: Extreme Cuteness

Disclaimer: I don't own Yoshiki or hide or X Japan

Comments: hide rescues Yoshiki from his work... a newfound friendship is formed...


Yoshiki blanched when the sun hit his eyes. Raising his white manicured hand to cover his eyes, he stared up at the sky with a bewildered expression. Had it really been so long since he’d seen the sun? Why hadn’t he remembered it was this bright?

A familiar nasally chuckle brought him too attention and he mock glared at his red haired companion. Hideto teased, “I have brought the vampire into the light of day, why isn’t your ass burning?”

Yoshiki retorted, “My ass isn’t burning but my eyes are!!! If I go blind from this, then I’m blaming you when I can’t finish X’s songs!!!”

Hideto laughed warmly and said, “I think that you need a break from your studio. You haven’t stepped outside for nearly a week! So I’ve decided to draw you out and make you relax a little.”

Yoshiki pouted and said, “You know, for a late addition to the band, you’re awfully bossy!”

Hideto laughed again and said, “You knew that when you invited me, so you get what you… well I’d say what you paid for, but you don’t pay me… so… yeah…"

Yoshiki puffed up like an annoyed kitten and said, “I do too pay you! Ingrate…”

Yoshiki huffed and crossed his arms obstinately like a child and Hideto laughed thinking, “This is my band leader… who’s inner age is actually 3…”

Yoshiki finally relented and said, “Fine, just let’s get this day over with so I can get back to my songs… They need to finished by next week so we can arrange them!”

Hideto smiled and ruffled his bandleader’s perfectly spiraled blonde hair just to see the man’s twitch. Laughing lightly, Hideto took Yoshiki’s hand and lead him down the street.

Yoshiki shuffled down the street, grumbling about the brightness, the heat, and the stares of everyone around him. Hideto seemed miraculously able to ignore everything and kept walking as though he was a high school student in a plain black uniform.

As it turned out, Hideto’s fun filled afternoon was to be spent at a local ice cream parlor. Yoshiki sighed and thought, “Great, how am I going to say that I can’t eat anything because we’re shooting for Silent Jealousy soon?”

Hideto smiled and walked up to the counter ordering two ice cream cones with “the usual”. Yoshiki raised an eyebrow and said, “The usual? You come here often?”

Hideto blinked and said, “Yeah, I come here a couple times a week. I always ask you if you want to come, but you always say no cause you’re busy writing songs.”

Yoshiki blushed and said, “Oh…”

Yoshiki realized that he did spend a great deal of time working and very little with his band mates. It had been a little over a year, and yet besides Toshi, whom he’d known since childhood, he knew next to nothing about the others. Hideto he knew was a joker, always playing and making cracks about things he found amusing. Pata was always drinking beer and looking on with calm wisdom. Taiji was simply musical, and much like he himself, the bassist tended to hole himself up for days with his writing.

The woman behind the counter brought out two ice cream cones and said, “Here you are Mr. Matsumoto, just like you like them!”

Hideto grinned like a little kind and took the two cones before handing one to Yoshiki and then paying for the ice cream. Yoshiki was about to protest that he could pay for his own ice cream, but Hideto shot him a look that said, “Shut up, I’m paying…”

Yoshiki bowed a silent thank you before staring at the suspiciously yellow ice cream… Hideto laughed at the look and said, “Don’t worry… it’s lemonade…”

Yoshiki flicked out his tongue and tasted the chilly substance before confirming that it was indeed lemonade flavored, and not something less appetizing.

Hideto laughed and said, “Come on Shi-kun, would I really try to feed my own band mate piss flavored ice cream… For that matter do really think they actually sell it?”

Yoshiki blushed and stammered, “Sh… Shi-kun?”

Hideto giggled cutely saying, “Aw, you’re so kawaii when you blush Shi-kun…”

Yoshiki and Hideto walked down the street in silence, licking their frozen treats and thinking about nothing in particular.

Turning a corner and coming in view of the ocean, Yoshiki hissed. The reflection of the sun off the water was so bright it made his eyes burn and water. Suddenly, the brightness was gone. It was like someone had drawn the curtains over his eyes and thrown him into comforting darkness.

Opening his eyes Yoshiki realized that he was wearing sunglasses. Turning around he looked at his guitarist with bewildered eyes. Hideto smiled gently with his beautiful almond shaped eyes and said, “Sorry, I forgot that you’re not used to being in the sun so much.”

Yoshiki blushed and said, “Oh… it’s… it’s okay…”

Hideto smiled and said, “Come on, let’s go and see a movie, then you can get back to your songs. Maybe I can help you a bit. I’ve got some ideas I’d like to try if you don’t mind.”

Yoshiki actually smiled and said softly, “Yeah, I’d like that a lot.”

Hideto walked down the street with Yoshiki next to him, and thus began a friendship that would transcend all things… even death... All because of lemonade ice cream, and a pair of sunglasses that would never leave the pianist's person again...

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